Why Our “Glorious Mess” Will Boost Our Strong Leadership

A dot.






That’s me when I am an ugly day at work.

Ah, you too, huh?

One Glorious Mess

Nothing is going right this day, right? Circumstances like:

  • Gazillion prospect meetings postponed which also mock up the rest of the week as well. (Great.) or
  • Your client and you handled a sale of a new product or service that they wanted so badly. However, the next day, the client decides to renege because your competitor offers a minor decrease in price. (Really.) or
  • Your cohorts are upset because your comment was correct and true but not popular.

And most of all, it’s happening before your eyes in one glorious mess. Yes indeed, this will not only ruins the day’s activities but may go further if you don’t have the reigns soon.

Believe me, I feel your pain.

The question is: how are we going to fix these many problems and go back out with energy and purpose.

Snap Our Doldrums

Now, are we depressed and lazy in our approach?

No siree!

We are champions, and we don’t give up!

Instead, we fulfilled that even though the playing cards not very pretty now, we shine on to:

  • Reenergize on our prospects to show value in our particular ability
  • Reschedule our meeting with enthusiasm and pep
  • Go back to your clients, (even though we didn’t get the sale this time,) to build strong relationships for future endeavors
  • Show our colleagues that we are honest with integrity that will glow long after our disagreement.

It is these qualities that will snap our doldrums in business without a doubt. Likewise, we will renew with our excitement and tenacity – absolutely.

Remember, a hundred years ago, a famous painter said, “Everything starts from a dot.”



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