Hip Hip Hooray! Great Day to Be an American

As you know, for years, my mom and I trekked to Williamsburg, Virginia, and specifically to Colonial Williamsburg, to flourished of the history of the Revolutionary War.

More than that, we are always struck by the realization that all of us, America, is truly free.

Flurry of Activity

As we walked on Duke of Gloucester and interacted with people (who were wearing colonial costumes,) we were conversing about issues of liberty, responsibility, and happiness.

In like manner, coming this way, we were ignited by a flurry of activity in the town square. It seemed that there was a decree for today and we were invited to come and listen closely.

In fact, the middle-aged gentlemen, (all dressed up and very fancy clothes for this time in the late 1700’s) was reading a document that was so important and crucial that I was mesmerized. It was so meaningful that I was rushed with energy and enthusiasm.

The document: the Declaration of Independence.

Read the Powerful Words

As we begin our barbecues, fireworks, and celebration, I urge you to look at the Declaration of Independence. Even for five minutes, read the powerful words like it was new, once again: click here…

I think you will agree, this is a great day to be an American!


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