Why Our Strong Personalities Are Like a Unique Alphabet

Want to play a game?

I will tell you what… I will go first then, it will be your turn, OK?

The Question is…

In my random thoughts (as I usually do,) I landed on this question that was very unusual. In particular: What is my strengths or personalities that define, well, me?

The results are definitely

  • unique,
  • uncommon and most of all,
  • unmistakably me.

As a matter of fact, to test my resolve, I use the alphabet for a little bit of flair and fun to be more challenging.

The Answer is…

So, ta-da, here is my answer:

What is my strengths or personalities that define, well, me?

  • Assertive: Not over-the-top, but definitely forward-looking, I lead by example on every issue or problem
  • Balance: Yin and Yang. Half full or half empty. A little bit different with my world, with a calm behavior and attitude (at least, 99% of the time,) I am copacetic
  • Charismatic: Doesn’t mean a perfect body, perfect figure or perfect mind necessarily, but in my book, with fortitude and gusto
  • Determination: Particularly, when I suffered my stroke, I resolve a goal and stick with it
  • Energize: Yup, just like the “Energizer” bunny rabbit
  • Fastidious: Has I told you before, almost being anal-retentive, I am notorious for crafting any projects with painstaking results
  • Gracious: Chivalry and a gentleman to the finest, being respectful to your elders and all-around each other is a part of life for me
  • Heroic: I don’t want to be boastful, but in some senses, with all of the accomplishments after my injury, I am courageous of the triumphs along the way
  • Ingenious: Adoption and innovation are my specialties
  • Judgmental: Forming of an opinion is very easy for me, but at the same time, I research fully on both sides to make a solid conclusion

“K” Is The Kind

  • Kind: Considerate and helpful is second nature to me
  • Loyal: I stick with my friends and family through thick and thin; heck, some of my friends I still keep in touch with for over 35 years
  • Meticulous: Like Mr. Monk on the television show, I am a neat freak and very particular
  • Networking: My wheelhouse, I listen intently and remember the “little touches” to build a bond of friendship and dignity always
  • Outstanding: A perfectionist in my heart, I excel all the time on what I am trying to accomplish both in my personal and professional lives
  • Pioneer: I want to write a patent, just like my dad did a long time ago; still, to have grip and tenacity to contribute in my quest
  • Quiet: Believe it or not, I am almost an introvert so I am usually quite introspective
  • Recognize: With my eyes wide open, I realize that perception of what I am, what I will become and what I stand for
  • Speak: Considering I lost all of my communication because of a global aphasia after my stroke for years and years, enough said
  • Thoughtful: Almost being too nice sometimes, I am very benevolent and appreciative
  • Uptight: Very obsessive, I try to calm down, but, whoa nelly…

“X” Marks the Spot

  • Vibrant: My effervescent is vigorous and good-natured
  • Wonder: With philosophy, medicine, technology and beyond, I am awestruck at what the human mind can do, think and act
  • X Marks the Spot: I am here for a reason and do the best that I can
  • Yell: Even though I use my words carefully, I talk to many people about matters of importance
  • Zest: Liveliness and a relish for all that is good and peppy

One Letter

Now, it’s your turn!

Hey, I will make it even easier: pick one letter and talk about your strengths or personalities that define, well, you.

Go for it!



Add yours →

  1. What a great exercise!… Hard to pick just 1 letter. However, here are a few: D for dedicated, F for fun, H for Helpful, I for Inquisitive and T for thoughtful. I’m off to finish the alphabet!

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