3 Concepts to Change That Is Gargantuan for You

Call me crazy…

I am fascinated by the concept of specific change and all of the ramifications that this requires. How one individual, one idea, one “movable force,” with their resources and positive willpower, can produce an awesome outcome is mind-blowing.

Everyone has stories of leaders with breakthrough approach who strongly alters the parameters. An intuition of a project that feels comfortable and optimistic; who knows that it was not a whim, but consequences with far-reaching conclusions.

Noble; very noble.


Unfortunately, the mystery of this lofty principles doesn’t dovetail so easily every now and then. The pieces don’t fit so steadily. The standards are tarnish or misshapen. The objectives are askew or, God forbid, irreparably aligned.

Tough, but not entirely broken, I think.

Satisfaction and Direction

So, the question is how can any person with worthy goals achieve satisfaction and direction in two aspects:

  • both consistent to one’s chain of reasoning and
  • a flexibility of higher achievement?

A complex question indeed.

Winnable with Intentions

However, in my opinion, here are some areas we can focus on including:


An objective that is so fundamental in one’s pursuit that it is solid and indisputable. A determination and primary improvements are one’s ally because of a formula of one’s cunning of any situation with confidence.


Adaptability means wavering to the situation slowly and with great deliberation. A perfect example, (that is also personal in my life,) is the ability of communication…

You see, suffering a massive stroke in 1991, one of my continual pursuits is my language, probably because, originally, my verbal and written communication was completely obliterated.

However, with family, friends, and loads of support, I had to adapt to my new surroundings very quickly and with no remorse to teach the strategies of the art of speaking. In this way, anyone can vary the surroundings if the objective is still attainable and winnable with intentions.


Being positive, forward-looking and squarely focused on one plan is so important on one’s attitude and performance. Without the resolve and grit on the “ultimate prize,” one may lose a key advantage on any project. Attitude is the glue and a meat of our cause.

By Hook or By Crook

In any setting, all of us can capture pride and proficiency by sticking to our goals, by hook or by crook, with earnestness.

Do you have the moxie?


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