Why Tip of the Tongue Will Be An Awesome Springboard for Us

Tip of the tongue.

Everyone has it from time to time. It is just inevitable. The incorrect words, phrases or, sometimes, you just can’t figure out what you were trying to say in your communication skills.

Been there. Done that numerous times.

We Are Not Alone

However, every June, the National Aphasia Awareness reminds us that we are not alone if you acquire aphasia. In particular, aphasia is a language disorder that affects the processing of either written or verbal speech. So, I realize that I possess problems regarding the art of communications, too, due to my massive stroke and obtaining global aphasia to boot. As a result, I carry several issues including:

  • Vague in my expression of what I am trying to portray effectively
  • Using the wrong words or pronunciation no matter how hard I try
  • Jumbled up regarding my past, present, and future tenses on grammar
  • Constructing lots of malapropisms (using the incorrect word in place of one that is similar in pronunciation)
  • Makeup words that the rest of the world has never heard of before ever

Grand Slam

Yet, you and I will grand slam anything that we just described.


Because we are:

  • Resilient to achieve all that we can accomplish to keep on going in our communication (and then go one step further)
  • Determine to create a climate of our speech that is both coherent and crisp ongoing
  • Resolute that no one or no object is going to get in our way to success of our triumph of our conversation

Go Beyond the Normal Talent

All of us have the ability to go beyond the normal talent and be extraordinary. If we are smart and dedicated to our core values constantly over time, the potentials will be electric.


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