How Irresistible Speech Initiates With A Unique Icebreaker for You

As a guest speaker from time to time, I was pleased as punch to be one of the presenters of the Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists convention in Fort Lauderdale. My talks were well received by the audience (whew!) Likewise, I was very gratifying to raise insight on my topics focusing on a positive attitude after an injury.

Moreover, I met and chatted with, literally, hundreds of speech pathologist during the two days gathering. More significantly, due to my massive stroke and acquiring aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of either written or verbal speech, the speech therapists were very impressed with my recovery so far. In fact, they were like kindred spirits in some senses and understood wholeheartedly about the aphasia community in my world.

Ripples and Ramifications on Aphasia

As I thought about that, I realize that probably 99.9% of the world doesn’t even know what aphasia is. As a result, with ripples and ramifications of the aftermath with aphasia is a shame, not only for the individual but their family members, friends, and colleagues, too.

It is almost like an icebreaker that you could play at a party game…

Aphasia person: Hey, “What is aphasia?”

Participant: I don’t know.

Aphasia person: Think for a second… “What is aphasia?”

Participant: Dunno. Sorry.

Aphasia person: Oy vey!

Fun, right?

Spent Two Minutes – Aphasia Quiz

On a serious note, every June is Aphasia Awareness Month (#AphasiaAwareness.) Go deeper about what aphasia is and how the survivor deals with their communications, both verbal, written or both. As a matter of fact, if you can spend two minutes, go to the National Aphasia Association’s website for the Aphasia Quiz; you will be glad you did!

Then (and that’s up to you,) break your own icebreaker about aphasia and teach someone else what I talk to you today.

Chillingly good!


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