Ambiguity and Decisiveness: A Happy Compromise Dealing with Aphasia

Strategic analysis.

These are just some of the areas that I engaged and enrich my life so much. And then I think how fortunate I am that my communication skills and brainpower are almost back to the way it was originally (I think.)

Suffering a massive stroke and acquiring aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain, I can understand and appreciate the internal and complex thought-process that I deal with each and every day.

Invisible Disease

So, I pause and reflect on all of its nuances of the “invisible disease.”

As a matter of fact, every June, I proclaim my triumph and error during National Aphasia Awareness Month. This month-long celebration is a learning tool about not only what is aphasia, but the research, direction, and advocacy of the root on this language disorder.

Therefore, without exception, I handle with my psyche on a daily basis when dealing with aphasia. You see, I want to be more coherent and clear with no blemishes or hesitations. I want to dance and zigzag to make my intelligence useful and pleasant.

And more than that, no second-guessing with aphasia. No worrying. In other words, I will say or do something that is either incorrect, unsavory or, to be frank, gibberish with humility.

Albatross and Bliss

In the long run, my aphasia is an albatross and bliss wrapped up in one. Both ambiguity and decisiveness entwined together. It’s a double standard, pulling me both forward and backward on every occasion.

But still, here I am, speaking to you, the reader, with clear and precise words of expressions (or close enough!) With

  • adaptability,
  • change management,
  • a little bit of wit

on my side, I whip up my abilities to conjure the magic with aphasia head on.

Ultimately fascinating.

Aphasia and the Ramifications

I encourage you, even for a second or two, to examine what aphasia and the ramifications that more than two million people in the United States deal with each and every day.

It’s worth your while.


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