Words? Think of Me as a Poet

If you look at the English language in all it’s glory, it’s quite spectacular. The right word or sentence at the right time and place could be so exact, so precise, so priceless that it sometimes blows everything else away.

Imagine if you enhance an excellent presentation, embellish a good story or a funny anecdote, language can be very powerful and eloquent. It is truly remarkable, isn’t it?

Can’t Go Back with Words

I get a kick out of writing. I enjoy making the connections of the nouns, adjectives, and verbs and using large and precise words often. The problem is, amazing, but true, I can’t go back and edit or correct mistakes.

Now, I kid in some senses, but honestly, the reason I have so much difficulty with my communications is because I have global aphasia after my stroke. You see, aphasia is a language disorder that affects not the intelligence, but the actual written or verbal communications, whether it’s spelling, grammar or pronunciation. Bummer, isn’t it?

For me, no matter what, I am always going to make mistakes. It’s just my folly.

Ebb and Flow

So, as I continue diving in with my blog, I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm. I fervently acknowledge looking at my content, rather than the occasional errors.

In some senses, think of me as a poet, ebb and flow to the beat; natural.

I hope you agree.


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