5 Primary Improvements On Bettering Your Life Instantly

As always, I am truly grateful thousands of people read, dissect, mull about and engage in discussions of the posts on my blog, Unmistakably Herb. However, more than several people have asked about my sub-headline, “Life lessons learned…” and the origins of why I do what I do.

So, what are “Life lessons learned…?”

Promise to Strive

In my realm, it is an attitude. Commitment. A promise to strive even harder to succeed with determination and fortitude.

It’s working smarter. Opening new initiatives with resilience and moxie. It’s never giving up, never going backward, never wavering.

Different Perspectives

“Life lessons learned…” deals with several different perspectives for you with insight and wit in the areas of:


Initiative, courage and a risk taker, no doubt. But it’s also the nuances of competition, sometimes three steps ahead or more, in dealing with complex outcomes hands on. I examine the possibility of stability and resolve with a flare of the reality world experiences.


Flexibility and the ingenuity in the 21st-century environment. To be clever and proactive are part and parcel of the dynamics. By investigating the tried-and-true connections to a sleeker, well-rounded alternative is part of my mantra.


The art of the deal is more complex than ever before. To have new techniques and approaches not only in strategic analysis and communications but also cutting edge technology are essential in this ever changing aspect


Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve is not in my vocabulary. Whether it’s a confusing connection of insecurity, personal accomplishments or exhilaration, I consider the highs and lows of adaptability with laughter and thoughtfulness.


With a dry sense of humor, I lighten up with different anecdotes to tickle your funny bone.

“Life lessons learned…” is for everyone who wants, either personally or professionally to go further, achieve more and live happier.

Your Niche

Without a doubt, you and all of the other participants that view my blog regularly also maintain the capacity and dynamically defined your niche and fascination, too.

What is your “Life lessons learned…”, huh?


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