3 Sparkling Ways Attitudes Can Increase Your Productivity

Productivity should be peaceful, like a flowing river that is both calm and steady, right? Our success of our fruitful effort, especially in industry, should be a dynamic opportunity usually.

However, as we know, productivity will not cooperate from time to time. Therefore, how we position ourselves to increase productivity in attitude may help us relieved our blood pressure dramatically.

Angles with No Solutions

To emphasize, did you ever have an obstacle that no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you try, that it’s not fixing the problem?

You try so hard to have all the angles with no solutions.

You get frustrated. Fanatic. Angry.

Believe me, you’re not alone. I possess the exact same angst in rebuilding the productivity solution, too.

Crawling Inside a Box

Yup, that problem is not very helpful and, to be honest, it’s not very productive.

I will give you a perfect analogy; Personally, after my stroke in 1991, my talent of communication was very bad indeed. Even my pronunciation and meaning of simple words was awful. It was almost like crawling inside a box and sulking, sometimes, for an eternity. My productivity was shoddy and out of place, uneasy and embarrassed.

We all feel that icky feeling of a dilemma in our noggin, don’t we?  by all means, it is so apparent that our slippery slope of uncertainty and processing are going haywire?

Rut is Not an Option in Productivity

So, how do we change that and quickly?

My advice: clear our mind, calm and resolute, and begin once again with a new perspective and new attitude of our issue.

Our rut is not an option in productivity. Banging our head against the wall won’t accomplish anything. The result is quite remarkable. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, not that easy. But, we always keep in mind three points when we are sad and frustrated about our problems:


Staying the course no matter what. Being steady. Any obstacles or delays, we will excel.


Be optimistic. Laugh. Smile because, at the end of the day, life is precious.


Be engaging and cheerful; this will have more success for the long haul than all the rest.

Happy Memory

It’s almost like a broken record considering we forget these simple facts of productivity, to renew and examine other options, not just one, for our disputes. Eventually, like a happy memory, we always begin with purpose on what is relevant and what is not, tranquility throughout.



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  1. Totally agree! I am a strong believer that your attitude determines your altitude.

  2. Basic, simple wisdom. Herb, you are able to take your experience and express uncomplicated and wonderfully insightful posts. You’re an inspiration.

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