Why Our Productivity Is Like an Ongoing Celebration

Don’t we love a celebration? How about productivity? In life, it goes hand to hand…

You see, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, hey, even a special date that we remember so fondly, the ebullience and excitement are so striking. We feel goosebumps of the red-letter day (and probably a few days before and after as well.) Like a soft blanket, so comfortable and cozy, we wrap with good feelings and kindness all day long.

Our “Molecules” of Energy

More than that, we encounter almost a chemical connection. Our “molecules” of our kinetic energy will appear by all indications to achieve any problem with ease on our smashing event. Our “atoms” of our thoughts are tantalizing with new, fresh scampering, in and out constantly. With no hesitation, we feel positive. Energetic. Proactive.

Yes, where our distinctive day arrives, whatever that day is, we perceive a reaction like a jolt of lightning that is second to none.

So I ask you, whether in business or personal endeavors, couldn’t we always form a celebration ongoing?

No Boundaries and Distractions

Can’t we harness our jar in a bottle and multiply that each and every time we pursue our

  • passions?
  • dreams?
  • goals?
  • tasks?

Is it possible to create an environment that is both challenging, yet enjoyable each and every day, with no boundaries and distractions? To unlock the potential that we didn’t even imagine was true each and every time we execute a little triumph?

Of course, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Seize Our Moments

But yet, most people don’t bring their “A game” and the results are stagnation or, even worse, malaise. They don’t understand the power of ingenuity, of grit, of dexterity. These individuals are stuck in an endless loop with no way of escaping, no awareness of what could be a momentous advancement right under their nose.

But not us. We realize our potential unless we seize our moments. Celebrations are just a code for productivity and shrewdness in our daily life. Nothing more, nothing less.

Blowout with conviction is a powerful concoction indeed.


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