Why Not Being Pigeonholed Reinforces Positive Attitude in You

Every once in a while, everyone feels pigeonhole that they can’t get out, in some senses. Whether it is our demanding requirements at work or personal conditions that are pressuring us to the limit, the cubbyhole of insecurity is substantial. How we get out of this perplexity predicament is more difficult, but achievable to success. Let me show you a pattern that will alter your attitude…

Mishmash of Distinctive Individuals

As you recall on another post about conquering public speaking, I have tiptoed my way over the last several years to be a professional speaker. Terrifying on the outside, but resolute on the inside, I performed to different organizations, companies, and support groups.

The audience I speak to is a mishmash of distinctive individuals depending on their insight and appreciation of my talks. Whether my topics are adaptability, productivity, leadership, or others, the crown of my gathering could be:

  • a professional business colleague who is examining all of the angles regarding my overwhelming positive attitude and solid results in the past
  • a stroke survivor looking for burning questions on my recovery and inside perspective
  • a caregiver or loved one who is at the crossroads between understanding, depression, and exhilaration on the circumstances of their survivor
  • a doctors or therapists that are quite impressed of my rebound, but still is undecided if my recovery was an outlier or an advancement of possibility

Fix and Constant?

But all of them are endearing and annoying in this cusp; they compartment me an inspirational point in time; fix and constant. They all think of my abilities and limitations as remarkable, yet anchored. In other words, in their eyes, they assume I am in “past tense” of my life because of my injury with no outlook going further forever.

However, I argue the opposite. I claw and scrape, bootstrapping my success accordingly. That is why I develop the barriers of:

  • ignorance of ambiguity
  • isolation of doubt
  • the ambiguity of purpose
  • and fracture that mold of any faltering with determination and confidence.

Unbridled Enthusiasm

Whether you are a person with a disability or just an average Joe with a unique, yet complex, issues, replace your energy with fresh, irrefutable steps of unbridled enthusiasm. Rise up with reliance and be confident in your abilities.

Just visualize as a climber with an enormous mountain always going further, farther with courageousness. The ongoing outcome may surprise you.



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