Awesome Ways to Implement Retention Anywhere

“The Battle of Hastings – 1066 between France and England.”

When I was in high school, one of my teachers was Mr. Wilson, a very perky and nice individual, who taught Social Studies. One of his classes that he lectured was a course called “Modern European History.” Now, looking back at this, this was revolutionary, because, as Mr. Wilson explained, “This was a very hard subject with lots of

  • dates
  • times
  • events and
  • theories

on the structure of Europe from the Battle of Hastings to World War II.” Further, he continued, “There was only going to be two test, a midterm and the final, period.”

No essay. No easy pop quiz. No fun.

Intrigued and Dreading All at the Same Time

Whoa! You can just imagine, I was frightened to the core, studying like a demon because I had never done this detailed in my life. I was a very good student, I will admit, but this was a new plateau that was so challenging, so different that I was both intrigued and dreading all at the same time.

But it was defining, though, because it focused my attention on the crystal clear objectives of not only retention knowledge, but retrieval for years to come.

Relevant Even in the Present Time

Years later, that approach still very relevant even in the present time. For example, approximately two weeks ago, I went to WordCamp, a WordPress convention of bloggers, developers, designers, marketing and informational technology professional with the concept of techniques and content marketing for blogging, e-commerce, and other aspects.

And so, just like I was in Mr. Wilson’s class once again, I took voluminous notes, ask questions and interacted with the speakers with detail examples and interaction which was awesome. For example, I learned new avenues like:

  • Nancy Thanki, who talked about “Accessible Websites” for people with disabilities. Specifically, Ms. Thanki explained how everyone needs to adapt regarding content format, presentation, and user interaction
  • Mickey Mellen, who had a rapid-fire update of all of the apps to make anyone more productive and a timesaver
  • Melissa Eggleston, who focused the audience on “zombies,” a metaphor to make sure that we are all achieving for great content and measurable results each and every time we do a post on our blog

After The Final Bell

But the end result is always the same approach, to retain significant advantage by being:


Almost like a marathon runner, you have to start the 1st mile and then build up over time to be successful. Memorization, repetition, and knowledge on the subject at hand is not only a requirement in any type of environment but a fundamental axiom.


After the final exam has completed, it is an inquisitive imperative to go beyond the scope and volley this new information with voracious enthusiasm and awe.


Like always at the beginning, everyone is a little bit nervous and apprehensive on a new issue or subject that we really are not grasping so far. However, over time, our breadth and ability will not only exceed our expectations, but the knowledge base will aid us for decades.

Anyone can have trivial aspects on irrelevant topics from time to time. But, if we are a student of the trait, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the nuggets of facts will blossom and amplify long after the final bell.

Class dismissed.


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