Why Trust is Elusive and Essential for You in Commerce

Trust is elusive. Expected. And so essential.

In commerce, the upswing of a salesman to build trust is so very crucial.


And, most of all, necessary.

However, in a peculiar way, we ignore this simple lesson of trust so hastily. We forget how confidence is the engine that allows our relationships to run smoothly and more efficiently.

Heart and Soul

To put it another way, trust is the heart and soul of what we are accomplishing in our objectives. Otherwise, our trustworthy would be very dicey indeed. Image if we:

  • slipped up from our databanks and draw a blank when boosting a robust bond with our clients or prospects?
  • blew our lines or was just oblivious overall to the other one’s needs and wants?
  • were too quick or cavalier, too abrupt of our message to our customers?
  • were too rushed or, even worse, a flimflam artist rather than slows down and listened to potential opportunities with our clients?

Fundamental of Trust

Whatever the cause, whatever the issue, whatever the situation, all of us require a skill that is so fundamental – the concrete block on a sturdy foundation to emerge the clutter. If we learned to care, then our new and existing customers perceive more:

  • confident and credible of our core purpose
  • experiences of our honesty and openness with ultimate respect in our industry
  • knowledgeable that they will be comfortable with our expertise
  • insight in any arrangement and in the future as well
  • professional of our avocation with a backbone of integrity and loyalty

Without trust, no matter what, problems will occur in our clients like a scratch on our first day in our brand new car. It is a vital component of the word of honor.

Elusive. Expected. And so essential.


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