How Not to Worry on the Art of Blogging

Probably not one of my best attributes, I worry and lament about the impact of valuable ideas of my blog. Put that another way, I consider often giving up my blog because it is too difficult in fresh content and technical wizardry to the readers and followers.

Not that I complain but I feel very inadequate on the complexity of blogging. I know that I present saline points, but because I am a novice in the field, I feel uneasy. Therefore, I give you a case of my worry in blogging plus pertinent suggestions about “keeping the faith” on blogging that everyone can benefit.

Worry Intently on the Art of Blogging

Definitely, there are lots of moving pieces that I don’t understand the art of blogging. It is overwhelming with the intricacy and nuances. I am trying to develop talents I will use that to seem to fit quite nicely. Then again, like a soaking man trying desperately to have a life raft to save me, I am treading water, drifting with no direction.

I am always tinkering around the content and general feel of my post but what causes am I fighting for, so to speak. Even my bio on my blog indicates that

“I focus on a mishmash of provoking ideas and eye-opening outcome for your work and personal targets. I will explore and examine energy and outlook on leadership, productivity, salesmanship, adaptability, blogging and humor.”

Spinning Dishes

However, just looked at all of the complex overtones I juggle, a litany of different “spinning dishes” of my articles.

For example:


Without a doubt, the most important component to my posts is my experience to share with the readers. Thus, queries abound like:

    • Should my words itself be short and sweet or a long diatribe to entice the readers?
    • Should I surmise informative, or edge, or conversational in my signal to my subjects?
    • What about evergreen content, to be relevant, yet not pushy or overboard?

So many choices…


Especially with the social media aspect, producing high-quality imaging is essential in today’s environment. The width, height, and orientation are the nitty-gritty on effective techniques. Still, the detail of designing both beautiful yet meaningful pictures takes hard work and dedication.


Hosting my blog from , I am upset by the Pandora’s box that I can dive in immediately. In contrast, the astounding ability to choose the right plug-in for both solid installation and ease-of-use is no picnic indeed.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in my limited knowledge so far is quite mysterious. I am just at the beginning of fact-finding ways to strengthen my reading on the World Wide Web to bring more followers. So, in the meantime, I am aghast By what I can do but can’t because of my limited knowledge. Yuck!

All that is why I worry. I feel embarrassed. More than that isolated, too.

Paramount Point on Blogging

As a result of my frustration, I am stuck. I know that the paramount point on my blog is my thoughts and observations of how I can help one individual or group each and every time.

On the other hand, in some senses, I am wasting my time because there are other characters in the field of blogging that perform savvier and genius that I will never know.

What to do, what to do?

Learning Experiences in Blogging

And so, before I end this debacle, a small, quiet reflection suddenly calms my nerves and eases my senses.

I am continuing with an action plan on my blog that will last my entire lifetime. In particular, this is a learning experience and I am just getting my feet wet; hard and ready.

Especially for individuals that are just embarking on one’s trek, take heart! Because at the end of the day, if we:

  • Absorbed every drop on the areas of blogging, writing, IT and others to investigate every morsel with earnest
  • Formed relationships with influencers and mentors to strengthen our finesse on blogging slowly
  • Tumble and fall routinely to not worsen the situation, but instead to learn from our errors and why it happened to the betterment of the greater good

then we are on the right track of ultimate satisfaction.

Our gift on blogging is our power of wisdom. Use it wisely.


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