3 Painstaking Lessons on Honesty and Leadership

Leadership and honesty are merged in the cortex of one’s substance, twined together so tightly. Indistinguishable between the two sometimes, these two dynamic cores is magnetic and their approaches.

The issue, especially in business, though, is the daily grind of our workloads is impossible when confronting an area that we did not foresee from time to time. Our integrity is at stake, but with what consequences?

We feel pressure from all sides; an uptight and sickening feeling that we don’t anticipate. It is still there and unspecified. It is unnerving, unwilling and unwanted.

Most of all, we don’t even know what the problem is; like a fog, hanging very low that we can’t figure out. But at the same time, it’s definitely there, like an ether in the night.

Blindly Put Our Blinkers

One possibility maybe it is a crutch that, as leaders, rely on too much and too often. To clarify, we take the easy way out. We walk on both sides with no different opinions or thoughts. We just blindly put our blinkers with no deviation. Unfortunately, the standard is very short-lived, (if not at all,) of the problem intended to be.

For example, as you know, with aphasia, I make errors all the time regarding my verbal or written correspondence. And to be frank, I use my disorder as a cocoon, just informing people the unknown that “I am not on all cylinders with my communications; just a bad day today.”

Really now?


White Lies for Leadership?

As pioneers, we probably all have excuses or “white lies,” from time to time, but the issue will continue unless we break that mold. To be honest with our faults is:

  • so much more effective if we release the pressure and correct the problem more aggressively
  • a relieve of emotional tensions (whoosh…) of any guilt and wrongdoing, but with more resolve nevertheless
  • very truthful of our error with an easy correction the second time around

Eventually, we become more confident and resolute in the way that we relate.

The fog will lift and a sunny day will be in our forecast.


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