Why Tumbles and Falls in Our Blogging Are Essential

In blogging, we always want to be number one, cream of the crop, crème de la crème. “Perfection is not an option,” we say, “it is a requirement.” Crisp, precise and always professional, our abilities to strictly unclutter the swamp and produce real results is our ultimate goal, whatever that goal entails.

And then reality hits. Like a clunker on a brand-new car, we crumble in a heap not knowing what happened to our masterpiece of the intellectual proficiency. A litany of different ideas cross our minds as we stumble for realization:

  • Did we miss a step that was so obvious yet crucial?
  • Did we overthink the situation in our minds so much that it interfered with the creativity of our design?
  • Was it the little configurations in our style or approach that tripped us up?

Adapt and Grow from Our Mishaps

Dejected and dismayed, we lament on all of the circumstances that snatch us from the pinnacle of success, but then another thought suddenly appears:

Everyone makes mistakes. How we adapt and grow from our mishaps is the challenge we need to understand and grapple with in blogging.

I will give an excellent example: Personally, as you are aware, I am always tinkering with my post on my blog continuously. Whether it is to tighten up my gist of individual stories or redoing some sentences or paragraphs, I am never satisfied until it is impeccable.

Alas, though, as you also realize in my section under “About Me,” suffering a massive stroke in 1991 in acquiring aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain in both written and verbal communications, errors are not only in common, but in some senses, necessary.

I know that I can:

  • ask someone else to proofread for my grammatical or spelling errors,
  • use more simple words rather than the $500 extravagant pronunciations,
  • be less flowery and more content,
  • fewer ruffles and more substance in my prose.

Got it. I comprehend the assessment of my fellow readers (including me,) to achieve better outcomes.

But, what’s the fun in that?

Learning means adjusting to tailor my capacities perpetually.

Tumble and Fall, Yet…

Ladies and gentlemen, unless you are a Greek god or goddess, each and every one of you is going to tumble and fall occasionally in your enterprise. Maybe you will feel

  • embarrassed or
  • guilty or 
  • angry or
  • rejected or
  • hurt or
  • a multitude of other emotions. 

However, how you dust yourself up and try again with earnest in your endeavors, that, my friends, is called fortitude. Courageousness. And eventually, harmony in your surroundings.

Perfection is sometimes overrated.


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