In Blogging, How You Can Use Your Peak Proficiency Consistently

In the pursuit of blogging, trying different ideas is very exciting for me. Whether it is content driven prose or detailed analysis of my blog, I am stunned by all of the sites.

It is eloquent. Useful. Eye-opening. Productive.

And still, after all of these marvelous plug-ins, whiteboards and the like, I am still fascinated by one particular idea. Peculiarly, yet a fact, is the words itself.

Best Friend

Commonplace, 99.9% of the time when I am writing a composition, I use the computer.

Yes, some people do it the old-fashioned way of paper and pen, but not for me.

Suffering a massive stroke and acquiring aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain, it is very difficult to write anything down. As a matter of fact, it is sort of my bailiwick. My spelling, grammar and pronunciation a very poor indeed after my injury. Fortunately, because of technology, I use a voice-activated software program to write everything down. (Once again, cool, right?)

Hence, when I am beginning to write a new post, my computer is my best friend.

Cold Data?

The computer, if you think of it, is just an equation. A series of ones and zeros. That’s it. Not too philosophical; not too complex. Simple, easy and relatively intuitive.

However, in blogging, it is more than just cold data.

Each new arrival of my posts come alive. Some kick. Some punch. And, if I am fortunate, the readers will enjoy my style and my meaning of the words so intently, too.

Irritating, yet interesting, though, is that for some reason, the rules don’t agree with the creative side of any blogger which speaking the geek in information technology.

For example, as I discovered in numerous readings, a recommended minimum of 300 words will achieve better analysis and recommendations for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. All of the gurus concur that tightening up with short yet powerful SEO is the right strategy no matter what.

No alteration. No deviation. Short, sweet and to the point.

And so for me, (and probably for you as well,) like an author, that is the conundrum.

A Fascinating Revelation

Because, for you and I, sometimes we want to be very short and sweet in our features.

We don’t want to write a thesis, just a few substantial sentences that may be even more impact than first anticipated. You know, get in and get out very quickly with panache. Make the statement and then get onto the next subject.

Which leads me to a fascinating revelation of a blogger. You see, the simple fact is: we need to discover our passions, our heart, our fondness each and every time we begin a new post. Be honest. Be truthful.

All of the widgets in the planet don’t come close to a decisive thought or action; yes, even one word occasionally.

The gift of a pen… magical.


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