Cues to How You Can Be an Expert in Your Feature Slowly

When reading articles or posts on the World Wide Web, I am fascinated by some authors themselves. Forget about the content of particular stories for the time being (which will definitely dissect it another time in the future,) and instead, focus on how these individuals concoct their time, effort and conviction that their wordsmiths, their “experts,” produced with both confidence and precise elegance?

Define “Expert”

Deliberating more, how do their bloggers and columnists define and obtain the concept of being an “expert?”

  • Is it a wealth of knowledge?
  • A grasp of the most labyrinthine concepts?
  • A slow process over years of research and dedication?
  • A connection of the other crackerjacks at their industry?
  • Tinkering that specific topic or niche that is so appealing?
  • Or different perspective altogether?

Best of Best of Best

For you and me, correct me if I am wrong, but we, too, desire to glean the best of best of best; an “expert” in our field, right?

Again, hard question to answer, but, some of the steps, in my opinion, to attainment would be:

  • A clear focus: are we herky- jerky and pontificate on any subject or fantasy of our leisure, or do we have a clear message and vision on what we are trying to build in our blog or website?
  • Continuing to learn: now again, I am not an “expert” (yet,) but I do know how to research, examine, investigate, and read as much as I can about the topics that inspire me and guide me in what my posts are. Trite, but oh so true, to better ourselves in being an “expert” takes a certain type of dedication of responsibility to our ideals.
  • Seek out and locate our “expert” in our field: simplistic concept but so difficult sometimes, we have to take a little risk, show a little gumption and ask the mentors of the industry your conceptualization to them. Now, of course, these gurus are incredibly, astronomically busy, but if you builds a relationship over time by subscribing to their blog, commenting on their posts, listening to their podcast, etc., you will quickly find out of not only a cordial friendship, but the knowledge that you seek.

For all the newbies (including me,) nurturing our “expert” takes time and an unwavering promise of fortitude.

Ready to go to the next level, mmm?


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