Why Your Subconscious Is a Plus for Superior Content Marketing

As you begin reading my post (or any posts indeed,) in your subconscious, you think to yourself,

What is the purpose of why I decided to visit this article today?

Was it the snappy headline that was so enticing, so inviting that you clicked on it to find out more about this subject?
A particular picture that set off a train of imagination and critical thinking on the substance at hand?
Was it the author and the style in which his situation and conclusion were so succinct and professional?
Maybe it was the meat of the matter on today’s plate drew you into a realm of possibilities that you didn’t even think about before or
that you have discovered that what the authors and counter mirrors yourself opinions in the first place?

Why did you stop at this point in time and have the effort, ability and, frankly, the energy to make the initiative in your oh so incredibly, sometimes stress-related, action-packed world?

Grapple the “Beast”

Great theories; however, as you probably deduce, there is no right answer. Certainly, whether it is you, me, or anyone else that has the drive and tenacity to continuously post on our blog, we do this for… what?

But still, in the quiet night of our consciousness, we are all trying to define, mold and achieve what we are dealing with when we grapple the “beast” of our showpiece for the betterment of our readers.

Resistant Puzzle

And, for me, like a research on a resistant puzzle, on my spare time, I investigated different circumstances on what is the “best” or “perfect” avenues to have the right concoctions of what an outstanding blog should be.

You know, measurements like:

  • for a post, should it be short, sweet and to the point (400 words or less,) or more lengthy, analytical composition with concrete conclusions?
  • are imaging and graphics too much, too little or just right on track?
  • how about a comment on one’s blog; a great way to a conversation or a nuisance?
  • and, lest we forget, all of the guinea pigs (at least for me,) of the technical side of the blogging including SEO, hashtags, A/B testing and so on…

Fruit Over the Long-Term

But then, like always, a random item suddenly appears and begins to take shape.

Is it possible that the root cause of what I am trying to be so diligent in my pursuit is just as simple as consistent great content? Are all the bells and whistles, gizmos and tactics which are very flashy, but actualize coherent and prolific prose will undoubtedly have fruit over the long-term?

Yes, yes indeed.

Yet, in the larger scheme of my works of my posts, I am connecting and retaining audiences. With the understanding of my feelings and observations of the best of my abilities, I am confident. Whether it is superior or below average, a real gem or a complete dud, I am still writing with earnest.

It is not a leap of faith, but a desire to comprehend the best gratifying compliment anyone could ever embody; knowledge and learning that our readers use productively. This is my opinion will lead to more followers, more connections, more symmetry.

Exceptional of Your Blog

Your talents are exceptional of your blog.

Continue the fight, continue the trek. Your perception is only what you make of it…


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