4 Enticing Approaches to Boost Your Productivity Effectively

Buckled down and prospering as a property, casualty, life and health agent for several premier agencies in insurance years ago, I was defined as a freelancer, a.k.a., free and flexible, yet bluntly, also 100% commission based.

For me, considering I had never worked in commission sales in my entire life, my emotions were both scary and exhilarating, fretful and delighted as I examined all of the moving parts of the world of protection.

Rudimental Techniques

More than that, like most reputable companies, they trained me on the rudimental techniques and approaches that were very well conceived, but like a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, I felt an inconsistency that was very discernible.

Moreover, as I floundered for the first several months, apparently misplacing imperative procedures about each prospective client to bonded trust and respect, I lamented, “What was I missing?”

Then, like a brilliant thunderclap, I discovered the last chunk that eventually turn the tables and one not only praise and accolades, but of course, money and bonuses to boot.

Betterment of All

My success was so simple that I almost fumbled it completely. One of the keys to my prosperity was communications working with other colleagues to the betterment of all.

In other words, I wasn’t alone out there; there were other individuals that had superb ideas in this field, (in this example, of insurance,) and at the same time, pitfalls that all of us from time to time go through to better one self-image.

Yup; for you, too, whether you are wrecking your brains alone in need of crisis or a persnickety problem but don’t know where to turn, to create a support network of other professionals in your sphere is a sigh of relief.

Boost Your Productivity

To whit, here are several suggestions that can boost your productivity tremendously with your peers:

  1. Brainstorming

    A different manner, attitude or adjustment are so much more appreciative if you can bring this to your contemporaries for approval or criticism

  2. Share of the Load

    To delegate responsibility with other compadres and you to contrast and compare on the strategic initiatives, it’s so much more effective if you share the load

  3. Mentoring

    In any endeavors in your discipline, you probably know of an individual that is been here for 1000 years and knows everything on everything in your arena. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to expand your knowledge base by setting up a weekly coffee chat with this individual consistently?

  4. Learn and repeat

    A nifty pattern would be to continually obtain articles, periodicals, seminars, websites, podcasts to your other individuals and you for the purpose of coordinate and disseminate that information regularly

Geared to Your Centers of Influence

Without a doubt, the end result of my psyche, confidence and, (surprise surprise,) my income level increase from my ingenuity and my colleagues in the industry. Do you have different approaches that are geared to your centers of influence so that you don’t have to work in isolation and detached, too?

I bet you do…


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