How Your Ingenuity and Confidence Prompt Decisive Response

At every turn, ingenuity drives action, plain and simple. However, we perceive choices that are logical and rational decisions, but do we implement our ambitions effectively?

For this, let’s go to the movies with our jujubes and soda close at hand, shall we? Along the way, we will talk about questions of ingenuity in all of its colors. More than that, what will our impact of usage of any goals effectively look like?

Oh! The opening scene is starting… Shhhhhhh.

Act 1 – An Awesome Task

The beginning of the week: rise and shine. This is going to be an awesome task.

The hero embarks the workweek with energy and tenacity. To be honest, this person can’t even describe in words the emotion he is feeling. 

He appears to blow the top off with reckless abandon on whatever project or doohickey awaits him. In general, he starts right away with his stamp now. 

As a matter of fact, the chap is a new revolutionary technique he developed. Indeed, it will change the whole dynamic of industry from soup to nuts. 

“That’s the ticket, by golly,” he said and ready to initiate. Resourceful is always, the hero just needs to implement this great idea.

In spite of that, like a wet noodle, however, he is also troubled even though he doesn’t know exactly what ails him.

Act 2 – Pleasant Alternative 

A new month took him by surprise, but what a pleasant alternative. 

Rattling in his noggin for so long now, that questioning approach to a specific perspective is growing on all cylinders. As a matter of deed, the hero is pleased as punch. His cleverness of ingenuity grows tremendously.

Looking at the equation, checking all the variables, his energy level is on full. Heck, he even made a list of the positives and negatives over the scope of this endeavor. He was ready.

The courageous guy was preparing with all of his T’s crossed and his exuberance boost on overdrive, he was still nagging on one query that he can’t put his finger on, but still…

Act 3 – New Attitude

A new attitude has suddenly blown through. Six months sooner, his excitement about his chances for success in this aim even now. The hero will continue the form but he knows he is just one step closer. It is almost like:

  • going back to school on his first day, both excited and scary or
  • hungry for his first preseason football game to root for his favorite team or
  • changing his perspective on his long thinking that may benefit him

not matter. He was wired for the challenge.

Confident and aggressive, he is ready to make the leap. But in the back of his mind there is something that’s failing the mark, but what?

The Ingenuity Cliffhanger

What bothers him so much whether it’s today, or a month or longer that plagues him so deeply and definitively? Did he forget, or didn’t forget, or got blocked or twisted in some senses?

And then, just like in epiphany that hits him straight in the eyes, so deeply and strongly that it is sometimes hard to comprehend. It knocked him on the floor. Literally.

He forgot to produce and act on his dreams. To perform boldly and with no regrets. To take criticism and, in some senses, fight for your beliefs. Finally, to soar.

Fade to black.

The Party Afterward

What a flick, huh? Yet, what is the important thrust of my post? 

Point often overlooked, ingenuity and confidence go hand-in-hand to generate trust. As always, to fantasize on different thoughts is grant but the trick is to decisively fulfill of satisfaction.

Positivity equals results, period.

Now, the credits…


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