Yikes! How Our Computer Didn't Tell Us The Entire Story

The “love-hate” relationship with a computer, in particularly, with Siri, the automated guru on the iPhone or iPad products, is, in order:

  • a joy to use
  • frustrating to no end
  • irritating that some of the phrases or words are either misinterpreted, misinformed or (God forbid,) completely cuckoo
  • a marvelous and indisputable part of the landscape of technology

Can’t Live Without It

Yet, Siri, or whatever the companion is at Android, Google, Microsoft and others, are now part of life. We can’t survive without it. We are enamored. We are bamboozled with all of its knowledge base, crammed in such a teensy-weensy box.

With this little ditty, we can work more efficiently. Examine, (maybe for the first time ever,) on strategies that we never even full existed before. Laugh more fully. Be stunned and captivated of the moment with reckless abandon on our apparatus strapped in our phone, or tablet for anything else that is so compact it boggles the mind.

Petulant Child 

At the same time, these devices are demanding and restricted, in some senses, in their scope and comprehension on specific encouragement. They are petulant, childlike with their wide-eyed gazes so hopeful and curious, and sometimes, naughty. And there are always, absolutely, without any doubt, completely, totally, and indisputably, correct… period.

We are all dependent on this little object consistently. It is our freedom and our shackles rolled up, shining and chrome in perpetuity.

Old-Fashion Thought

But if we step outside our bounds, and step away with the gadgets for one iota, a gnawing question is so burning white and fiery that we cannot be ignored.

To whit, what happened to old-fashion, unbridled, spirited, eye-opening, unconscious thought? No computers. No devices. No easy answers. No excuses. Raw emotions and scintillating thought process. Unplugged and unwilling to give up under any circumstances.

And moreover, ladies and gentleman, it is so incredibly difficult to intertwine our own process with, (can I say,) crutch and comfortable “little friend” to give us another shot of adrenaline because, alas, it is available and so easy.

Secondhand Lions

I know, I am in the same boat that I use my computer almost 24 hours a day, (especially because I use a voice-activated software program and other apps after suffering a stroke so long ago.) But nevertheless, we need to step back, sometimes way back, and fully aware that intellect and desires for self-awareness are more important than asking our “secondhand lions” any sort of trivial aspect that recurrently gets in the way.

Truth, intermittently, is exposed, right?


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