How To Avoid Being Too High or Too Low In Commerce

Your story unfolds…

You mused, “This is the best day of my life, taking a position of my dream job working for this prestigious firm.”

“I mean, wow.. I landed an awesome job with the salary most definitely beyond the call of duty and the benefits, well… it is out of this world!”

The process of hiring me was outstanding. I met with not one, not two, but three partners of an admired company and, believe it or not, they were blown away by my accomplishments and chutzpah.”

They were glowing with all of the accolades that I had achieved, the respect and trust of not only my clients, but my ‘competition’, too. All of them agreed that my positive attitude and decisive disposition will do just what the doctor ordered in my new endeavors.”

Little Perks
“And it gets even better.”

“They wined me. They dined me. They had little perks that, in my opinion, no one else in the company even came close to offering.”

“The partners even said that I could have a corner office with all of the latest gadgets and gizmos. They arranged a senior assistant that, in all of their opinions, was not only very reliable, but possess some backbone so that I was grounded if things got too much of a high or low.”

“This is going to be spectacular.”

Like a Rudder
Time passes, and several weeks come and go….

Even though it is still shiny and you have to ask one million inquiries, you apprehend very quickly that you are now obligated to produce. You required new patrons. Even the three partners are still very impressed, but they are worried and agitated that you were not learning all of the objectives more rapidly.

Your assistant sometimes appear puzzled or frazzled in what you were trying to deliver, but when you ask this person to elaborate, she clams up and says, “You’re right, my mistake,” very sheepishly.

Almost like a rudder for your new company, you are flinching of the pressure and stress and, my God, it’s only been just a few weeks.

What happen?

Stay the Course
The answer, my friend, is to stay the course. Like a bell curve with incredibly, magnificent highs and irrefutable, dejecting low there is a middle ground that is what you were aiming for.

All of the proficiency that you have negotiated so far will shimmer overtime, but you slowly reminds yourself of the culture and attitude of your new surroundings with resolve and cunning.

Similar to a crockpot; it has to simmer for days before the true nature of all of your talents will come through.

In other words, relax – you will flourish magnificently, you wait-and-see!


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