Top Reasons Why Stability, Not Stagnation, Are So Urgent Today

The doldrums. Status quo. Blah.

Unable to breakthrough the confusing problem or issue that no matter how hard we work at the harmless dealings we come back to square one inevitably is infuriating and exquisitely a pressure cooker, no doubt.

We fell dull, lifeless and almost immobile in whatever aspect we are trying to pursue in our professional or personal desires. It is a hardship and we grapple with the understanding of not only how we got into this matter, but moreover, we want to have a rapid conclusion, but we can’t seem to fit the pieces so tightly.

“Pull Me Back In”
We want to wrap this up forever and don’t come back to this riddle ever again. But, like a famous quote from “The Godfather” trilogy the main character decries, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”

However, as always, we can gaze at this specific situation that may rebound us if we wish to. In particular, a perfect example would be furniture.


Yes, furniture.

These are the words one of my closest friends said to me the other day.

Tendency for Style


Because she has a tendency for style, every several weeks she rearranges her furniture, occasionally, because she is bored and or needs an activity to do for the day.

So, depending on what the thirst, it could be very, very small or the entire house she is working on. Depending on the surroundings, she is a particular attitude about

  • color scheme
  • knickknacks that she has around the home
  • weather and temperature (you know, in the summertime getting it light and airy, in the wintertime a little bit more traditional and cozy)

Stability, Not Stagnation
In other words, what she is doing is stability, not stagnation. To freshen up and change the perspective and whatever aspect she does is not only exhilarating in her original viewpoint, but also is animated in the way that she interacts with people or ideas.

We can take heart that this individual realizes that she contrast a shade of alterations or tweaking that will “restart her engines” and a boost that may be exactly what her duties.

Maybe you and I gandered that concept, too, mmm?

Accent piece, anyone?


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