Why A Prickly Predicament Commands Our Resilience of Character

Your veins are popping and you are seeing red, bright red. Your blood pressure is 200/150 and on the rise. Hot and bothered, you are irritated by not only the prickly predicament you have to seem to put yourself into without any warning or knowledge, but, believe it or not, it gets even worse.


Because the individual that thrust this confusing mess of overstepping any boundaries of decorum and professionalism, is actually laughing hysterically with disdain and ultimate lack of care of the situation, generally and you, specifically.


You think to yourself, “How is this possible? How is this perceivable? How do I get into this circumstance, not only right now, but where did it begin?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t ask for this conundrum in the especially the consequences. And I especially don’t appreciate the other colleagues that are so apathetic that they are going along with the crowd, rather than defending what I am trying to figure out in my brain in the first place. Geez.”

Our “Kingdom”

Been there, done that. And it’s not too pleasant.

All of us, no wonder what the surroundings may occur, that even though we naïvely thought that our “kingdom” was secure and unbreakable, there’s always a crack somewhere that screws up the whole situation whether we had seen perceive it or not.

Boundary Lines

Yes, we can moan and cry a lot about the state of affair unfolding. We can get nasty and can we say, cunning, about the jackals that inflicted this pain. We could have retribution and, maybe, if were lucky, redemption on the condition unfolding.

Or is it better to just chalk it up to on unpleasant experience? To understand clearly what the boundary lines are and to effectively maneuver this pathway of networks in the future?

Definitely, a rotten egg to deal with for sure, but how we approach our character brings a lot to our substance in the long run.


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