How Provocative Questions Drive Us To Fantastic Results


Philosophy was not my favorite subject when I was a student so long ago. Even though the professor was very kind and gentle in his approach, I thought the reading and course pedantic and arbitrary. I was not auspicious of my self-evaluation of my persistent worrying about absolutely nothing, if you get my drift.

Fine Wine
As I got older, (as we all do,) I considered the possibilities about that class from time to time. Moreover, amazingly, (and quite grudgingly,) that lecture does measure some due after all. I guess it’s like fine wine: we wait for so many years before we actually open the bottle and sip the wine with great admiration and keenness.

Provocative Questions
So was I ponder provocative questions I asked you the same questions with respect including:

  • Are you an irritant, hypothetically, in asking profound and solid examples of your line of work or an innovator, making mistakes and errors on the way, but always going further to champion a process?
  • Are you a “curmudgeon” looking in the past in your field with not only good memories, but stable results or forward looking to the future with relish and excitement?
  • Are you isolated and uninterested on projects or are you eager and edgy to create something extraordinary?
  • Do you keep silent in your opinions even if it is true and noble or do you blurred out the matter what the cost or consequence?
  • Are you comfortable and content in your working environment or are you edging to make a change occasionally almost immediately?
  • Do you speak your mind with a clear conscience and a brave heart or do you choose your words carefully not to offend anyone?

Synthesize Each Morsel 
As I just mentioned, there is no right or wrong answer, but it is a reminder of the moving parts and ambiguity that sometimes plagues even the most clear minded individuals.

But, at the same time, even though we can explode with all of the possibilities and synthesize each morsel to the most basic aspects of angst, trust our instincts of righteousness to guide us.

Like I said, philosophy is deep, absolutely.


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