Chewbacca Mom, Little Ditties And You: A Blogger's Triumph

Searching for an intriguing article that would be the catalyst for a new post for my blog, I was disgusted. Dismayed, (both literally and figuratively.)

You see, the story was titled, “This Woman Posted a Video of Herself Laughing in a Chewbacca Mask and Now She’s Internet Famous.” In the nutshell, it seems that wearing her Chewbacca disguise, she “has already been viewed over 140 million times and has gained her the internet name Chewbacca Mom.”



Now I can admit that I am not angry or upset at this young woman. Frankly, I am sure that it is amusing. I guess I got peeved by the fact that I have scribbled down little ditties for about two years and sometimes the reaction is milquetoast and downright empathetic.

And for millions of other hard-working, dedicated, committed, passionate bloggers, you can probably feel our heebie-jeebies bursting at the seams.

Status of a Rock Star

On one hand, we want the limelight. The fame. We want to write the stories that matter well, matter often and have some real impact not only on our connections of influence and colleagues, but more extensive to our core readers wherever that may be.

On the other hand, we understand and appreciate that

  • this is a slow, melodic “drip” of countless hours of concrete and earth-shattering stories. In this way, we will think about our significant core values of what we stand for consistently
  • making real connections and relationships rather than flittering around like a jack rabbit
  • making mistakes, errors or omissions that are painful at the beginning, but only strengthen our commitment with more oomph overall

Consistency and perseverance will not necessarily a status of a rock star or guru instantaneously, but, we try very diligently nevertheless, don’t we?


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  1. Perhaps if you blogged in a Chewbacca mask?……. 😉

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