3 Reasons Our Communication Can Be So Eloquent

To discourse, whether it is an opinion, argument or point of view is not only the heart and blood of all compelling declarations, but, in some senses, a phenomenon on the interworkings of an eloquent relationship whether in commerce or personal endeavors.

Days of Yore
Perfect example this when I went on vacation to Colonial Williamsburg, the experience that everyone who is a patriot or history nut or explores of the adventures of the Revolutionary War in the United States. The town is alive with demonstrations, chitchat and characters like shopkeepers, political figures, tradespeople and others that call Williamsburg home. My family has been to Williamsburg several times, and each time, it is rich in days of yore of tumultuous times.

To illuminate, our last trip, we:

  • Sipping coffee with the local townsman talking about the Stamp Act and the reaction of what that action will entail (by the way, United States of America didn’t even exist this time…wow)
  • A small session in 1775, we asked questions and answers with George Washington, who was in a somber and melancholy this day
  • With another “vendor,” played and almost defeated a dice game called “Shut The Box.” (I was “that close…”)

But for me, my favorite activity at this time round was storming the palace.

OK, OK, it was not to bad, however, the scene was 1774, and it seems that a magazine rack is missing. The Governor of Virginia, a loyal Englishmen bureaucrat is not too concerned, but the colonials a very upset and concerned that their civil rights have been trampled and, more than that, wants to find out where the ammunition disappeared.

So finally, going back to the original point, I was struck by the diplomacy and levelheadedness of both the establishment and the rebels. Yes, bloodshed could have been spilled, but instead, they used other aspects to make their points including:

  • Specific relevant observations on the situation
  • Strong and convincing conclusions
  • Listening and appreciating other points of consideration with the ultimate goal of resolving the position of both parties

No fighting. No name-calling. No insults. No foul language.

Instead, a relevant discussion that, at least in this example, lead to an understanding of both parties concerns and amiable conclusions.

Take A Breather
In today’s world, wouldn’t be terrific if we can just take a breather, calm and resolute and create the real dialogue with the other individuals regarding our passions and aberrations without the junk and illogical garbage that gets in our way? With that be grand?

Maybe, we can.


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  1. Cezane & Michelle May 11, 2016 — 2:20 am

    Quite an Intel, you run a fascinating blog, educative. Keep going. – Cezane

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