Why Happiness Will Spur to Your Self-Confident of Leadership

Every year, I traveled just a few miles and attend the Kennesaw (Georgia) Big Shanty Festival. The downtown is, the most part, closed, because they have almost a hundred businesses, retail, art and crafts and, of course, food, lining the streets as far as you can imagine.

A two-day event, over 70,000 people revel in the pageantry, excitement and, to be honest, a lot of people want to go outside for the first time because the weather is magnificent.

Mobbed with People
The crowded streets are mobbed with people or items all around me. It is a sight to see with:

  • individuals
  • babies
  • dogs
  • balloons
  • tchotchkes
  • advertisement bags (the stuff in more goodies inside)
  • drinks
  • and other

in every nook and cranny. I was in seventh heaven because I was exulting a spectacular, momentous, just want to say, “Yay!” kind of day.

Monday Morning Rolls Around
You probably experienced the same activity in your life, too, right? You know you have; you are fancy-free, not a cloud in the sky, gleeful and self-assured. The freedom and power of self-determination are so intense, it’s electric… wouldn’t you agree?

So, my question is, when Monday morning rolls around, do you:

  • ever feel like the paperwork is flying everywhere with no game plan
  • eke out your marginal sales this month, trying to hang on for next month
  • exhibit aspects of being tired, or cranky, or overworked

or are you:

  • energized with the positive outlook on not only what you’re going to do today, but next week, next month, next year and beyond
  • not thinking about “don’t sweat the small stuff;” you know that you will have ups and downs in business and if you were steady and on the right path of both accomplishment and pride that in the long run, you will do awesome
  • optimistic and confident no matter what the odds or outlooks?


Flying Colors
For you, me and all of the other people around us, if we just think about our attitudes with a little bit of ingenuity, a helping hand of productivity and, ah yes, the confidence of leadership, then every day is a fantastic day.

Show your spirits… it will come back to you with flying colors!


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