How Integrity Initiates With 1,000,001 Mistakes


Several days ago, I decided to shake the nuts and bolts up on my Facebook by dividing my account in half:

  • one page for my “business” portfolio, my baby, Unmistakably Herb and
  • another page for my personal items and general stuff (which by the way, is a catchall for nothing and everything all at the same time.)

I know, exciting, but nevertheless very useful and practical because, fortunately to my delight, I have increased my followers quite substantially in the last several months.

A Different Thoroughfare
So, my Facebook account seemed like a perfect opportunity to branch out, to seek new opportunities, to explore. It was quite invigorating to look at a new avenue, maybe for the first time ever, and go a different thoroughfare that I have ever done before.

Exhilarating and nervous, all at the same time, I realized, in this example, the Facebook has so many nuances that I have not learned so far including:

  • What is the best time and frequency on Facebook for my business atmosphere?
  • What tools and resources on Facebook for analysis and forecasting would help me capture and maintain new and existing followers?
  • Is polling, contests or other types of involvement beneficial in the final scheme?

And so on and so on.

The Thirst of New Objectives
Thus, I pondered about how I was going to begin this trek. I comprehend that you, too, peak your enormous projects, your “pearls of wisdom,” but don’t know about other resources, other knowledge, other pathways from time to time. You want the thirst of new objectives full on with vigor, right?

All of us have the opportunity to accomplish greatness, whether it’s in business or personal endeavors, to

  • reach out,
  • go further than we have ever gone before,
  • make 1,000,001 mistakes with the understanding  that this time it will be a different approach and attitude, almost like it’s the first time we have ever seen the problem
  • And, by golly, have fun!

Think of Us as a String
So many people are stuck in a pattern of a loop like a circle of an endless track. Instead, think of us as a string the stretches as far as our perceive and then some with the integrity, enlighhtenment and power on a new frontier, what ever that new frontier is.

Refreshing, isn’t it?


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