Really… How One Sock Is Actually A Momentous Boost


Riddle me this:

  • Why is it that were always missing one sock when you are doing your laundry?
  • Why is it that you have misplaced your keys even though you placed them every single day religiously?
  • Why is it that you forgot your important document with less than 15 minutes to a crucial meeting that will decide your company’s direction and vision for the near future?
  • Why is it that you have been waiting for that special day with reverence and patience on a decision that will alter your thought patterns, only to find out that your dreams have vanished because the firm merged with a larger corporation and so you missed your chance completely?
  • Why is it that when you have a new, brainstorm concept that you have placed your time, money, investment and heart to it, that, not only is it pooh-poohed, but almost ridiculed to your venture capitals or the head of your top brass?
  • Why is it that the more that you tried to go forward it seems like you are going backwards with no rhyme or reason?

Holy schnikes!

Human Nature of Random Thoughts
Is it just bad luck, bad intuition, bad circumstances, that this is happening to you not only one time, but amazingly and sporadically, consistently over time? Is it just human nature of random thoughts or actions that produce consequences or misfiring? Is it possible that something is definitely skewed or broken on your approach that has ultimately, irretrievably your downfall whatever that downfall is?

In a word, no.

You are not at fault. You are not crazy. You were not cuckoo.

Outstanding Opportunities
What you are is:

  • Effective: in any situation to solve problems, analyze complex and make crisp decisions
  • Rebounding: like a champion; unwavering, unwilling and very flexible to any circumstances
  • Centered: never getting too upset or agitated; a beacon of stability and even keeled

Because with all of the rah rah individuals fadeaways, you accept that your abilities and talents even in strange and mysterious ways, will always, eventually, be promoted in outstanding opportunities.

In other words, stop looking for the other sock; sometimes, just buy another one and keep on rolling.


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