How Your Fever Pitch Can Flow to Remarkable Returns

The anticipation is killing me. Sitting around; twiddling my thumbs; nervous and giddy about this improvement going to happen momentarily. I am both nervous and delighted that I can hardly wait.

Now, it’s not that big of a deal if you boil it right down to it, however, for me, it’s momentous. It’s huge. It’s gargantuan. You see, I may consider making the leap from to and I am waiting on pins and needles for Bluehost, a web hosting site, to complete some important programming algorithms.

Fever Pitch
So, as I just mentioned, I am just obsessing (which is a skill that I don’t like, but it’s just my nature,) and excited about the new features, plug-ins and other aspects as my blog continues to grow in both popularity and interest.

You, too, feel the same emotion occasionally; a fever pitch that something extraordinary is going to happen today like:

  • Itching to go on vacation in the next few hours or
  • Grabbing an upgrade on a program that’s going to revolutionize commerce that you have been waiting for decades is now here in the next several days or
  • Completing an awesome presentation that you know was a wonderful admiration to the top brass of a prestigious company, but they want to think about it for a couple more days

the atmosphere is palpable.

No Hesitation
So when the pressure is on, here a few steps that may be very helpful:

  • Preparation: our project is useful and insightful, so we will prepare with every possible angle even if it’s minuscule. We will be confident that the results will be extraordinary because we are careful and thorough in our approach.
  • Readiness: vibrant and bushy tailed, there is no hesitation to our actions; we are ready, capable and excited all over the eventual ultimate success.
  • Over thinking: as an old song from Bobby McFerrin – ““Don’t Worry Be Happy.” We have done everything possible under the sun to make this an experience that is magical and one-of-a-kind. Enjoy it!

With fortitude and eagerness on our side, the outlook is very bright. Go for it!


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