Why Being Uncomfortable Produces Remarkable Payoffs


Bubbly; definitely bubbly.

The prediction is building and I can’t wait. I am jumpy, anxious; heck, I am like a little kid waiting to go to the candy store so I could pick the right choice on my favorite bar.

As the minutes go down, the excitement goes up, I am bursting with jittery energy. What a rush!

Weird and Mysterious
The event, by the way, is WordCamp Atlanta, a showcase of blogging, developers, designers and thinking conversing on the concepts, applications, and usefulness of WordPress. Whether it is marketing, sales, social media, IT or more, this conference will definitely inform and grow your knowledge base tremendously. Now for me, this will be the first time I am attending this shindig, so, this is a new adventure; an intriguing happening which I can’t wait.

Now for me, this will be the first time I am attending this shindig, so, this is a new adventure; an intriguing happening which I can’t wait.

But more than that, this is a curious wrinkle, counterintuitive to my DNA. It’s out of my comfort zone; weird and mysterious all at the same time.

Twists and Turns to the Readers
I mean look at the situation… I acquired and will always have aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain, after my stroke at the age of 27. At the beginning, I could not speak at all either verbally or written clarity. It took years of speech therapy, practice and support with my friends and family. Fortunately, (as you can see,) I am so much better in my communication now with a positive outlook going further.

All of this, and I still have some deficits in my processing that will never go away. But, here I am, nevertheless, writing a blog (and enjoying it, as well,) conjuring up the twists and turns to the readers of

  • leadership
  • productivity
  • adaptability
  • a little bit of humor

that is both fun to read and incredibly truthful. Amazingly, though, I also know that what is going to come out of my brain after my aphasia may be a jumbled up mess.


Fortuitous Fortunes 
I don’t want to be dramatic, but I am sure you have had adrenaline flux, whether it’s personal or professional in the past, too, right?

The fluttering of fortuitous fortunes of what you were trying to invent. The nervous sweat and chills of your passionate pursuit. You can feel it, you can see it, you can taste it, it’s all around you.

It’s your wake up call; to try something different or uncomfortable or bold;  to not being a milquetoast and explore fully and with no regrets.

I think you will like the results.


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  1. Sounds like a great conference, Herb! I’ll be looking forward to reading about the adventure!

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