Why An Unsatisfactory Result Commands An Instantaneous Reaction

Disappointment Man

A roller coaster of ups, downs, left, right, loop to loop and more, I made the decision about a direction that affected me to the gist that I thought was the right outcome.

Changing The Perspective
Double checking my facts and figures, so to speak, I knew that this was an alteration that will change the perspective quite dramatically, so I reassessed all of the criteria including:

  • Research: critical analysis of even the minuscule determination to be considered
  • Price: not necessarily the cheapest cost, but the quality of the product itself is the most important principle in my thought process
  • Reliability: being consistent and accurate were parcel and par of the long-term strategy of what I am trying to develop with this approach
  • Fit: the ultimate prize of ingenuity and design

However, as I got deeper and deeper into the matter, to my chagrin, all of the pieces didn’t fit so tightly. So many concepts suddenly appeared like:

  • Maybe I was too hard to believe regarding my proposal and the snap decisions afterwards?
  • Maybe I was scared or apprehensive about the consequences?
  • Maybe I was too complex, too complicated, or can I say, too bureaucratic?
  • Maybe I was overwhelmed of all of the intricate jigsaw puzzles ahead of me?

Quivering Neutral
You have probably seen the same situation in your encounter, too, haven’t you? The undecided decided. The quivering neutral.

What to do, what to do?

Believe it or not, I don’t have a trendy response this time around. Instead, all that I can say is  in my experiences if you are comfortable in your core values with honesty, trust and a little bit a risk, then eventually, over time, your gut will take in control, even for a split second, and make a decision that is probably the best choice in the first place.

Stability rather than a rash volition. Seems reasonable… do you agree?


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