3 Dynamic Examples to Energize Anyone's Audience… Fast

On the clock tonight, I compose ten minutes to write a post; unscripted, unhinged and totally bonkers. It is a very difficult position for me because of two reasons:

  • First, I like to take my time just in general when scribbling my “masterpiece”, and
  • Second, suffering a stroke I acquired aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain, and specifically, my communication

But, nevertheless, I will go and try my hardest with great and earnest success.

Fast As I Can

However, writing this down as fast as I can, I am thinking to myself, “What am I supposed to write about? What would be the right subject, the right pitch to hold the readers? How can I inform, touch and motivate? And probably most importantly, to engage my audience not only now, but over and over in the future.”

And so, I am racking my brains trying to fit the tonality and modulation when I realize, I have approximately six minutes to go.

Oh my God, what am I going to do, I haven’t even begun writing down what is important, significant to you, and unique and vibrant that people like yourself will enjoy and talk to your friends about?

Trust One’s Gut Feelings

Tick-tick; so, introspection on my comprehension of my thoughts and the connections that I am mulling to one inevitable conclusion…

If I am focused on my subject that I care about, trust my gut feelings about and bring my atmosphere of straightforwardness and enthusiasm that hopefully, I can achieve, that I have done something incredibly good and vibrant. Three reciprocities of being:

  • determined
  • resilient and
  • adaptable

are core values in what I am trying to portray each and every time I write a post. To be upfront and with insight so that other people can think about more than 2 1/2 seconds of my articles is my mission and objective.

I guess that if each and every one of you, (including myself,) can go inside our feelings about what our are or want to achieve then we are definitely on the right track.

Times up.

(FYI –  even though I recorded 10 minutes of talking time for this story, I edited my post almost 3 1/2 hours because of my aphasia. Oy vey!)


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