4 Soothing Approaches To Not Be Frazzled in Commerce


How do you deal with an owner or partner that is distraught on the particular problem and, suddenly, needs guidance from you, even though you don’t know any of the circumstances whatsoever?

A Situation Unfold
We have all seen a situation unfold very rapidly; for example:

Let’s say that a business owner is conversing do you early in the morning one day and he or she was very upset and stern. It seems that a huge order that the business owner was expecting is now gone a kerflooey and now all of the wheels are starting to crumble. 

You absorb that information very quickly, trying to make sense of the situation. However, the owner continues his tirade, spewing and fuming about customer service and treatment of the conglomerate who squatted the deal. He questions: 

  • the confusion of the dialogue between his and the other party
  • the angst about the lack of attitudes and commitment to this other corporation’s character
  • heck, even the food was lousy during the negotiation.

This individual’s frustration and stress are apparent and, most of all,  wants you to resolve the situation instantaneously; pronto.

Wow! How do you deal with this matter effectively regarding the debacle for your sanity, but to calm the owner’s emotions and intellectual aspects as well?

Soothe and Advance
Here are several suggestions that you can soothe and advance your participant’s approach:

  1. Listening – listen intently and make silent notes about not only the situation around the argument at hand, the owner’s tone of voice, mannerisms and gesture, too
  2. Empathetic – the owner is frazzled and, in some senses, not making 100% logical decision because he is exasperated; be empathetic and open to his frustration and regret
  3. Personable – if you are upbeat, positive with a sensibility of keenness of your reproach, the owner may feel more tranquil and serene
  4. Helpfulness – carefully, but with good intentions, to help the owner and the company with specific, direct suggestions to mitigate the bombshell that was just described

All of us certainly burst in a chaotic conundrum; to be honest, it’s only human. What we deal with the eruption over raw inertia is a different story altogether.

Steady, my friends. Steady the course.


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