3 Actions on Why Picky Readers Require Superior Content

Picky Reader

In all my posts, I ponder and write my concepts on my blog so carefully, almost like a meticulous watchman on a formidable challenge, making sure that all of the pieces are so precisely bound.


I guess because of two reasons:

  • my quirky nature
  • the fact that I acquired aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my communication after my stroke a long time ago, constraining my process and tempo intermittently

Your “Baby”
Nevertheless, I take my time effectively, making mistakes and errors on the structure of what I am trying to portray along the way. Eventually, I land on a delightful and meaningful article that you, the readers, can enjoy and discussed with me and colleagues around the globe.

Yes, I take quite a bit of hours to write quality shares for you, but at the end of the day, (believe it or not,) I am thrilled with my exercise immensely, too. You, too, understand and appreciate that an article that you have worked on so deeply, that you deem so vividly, that, in all your dealings both substantial and solid, it’s your “baby”.

Our “Masterpiece”… Not
But, some people are fickle, (can I say, nasty,) on our “masterpiece.” They perceive the approach own our feature as fluff, fades away and vanishes like yesterday’s news. They are cruel, arrogant, unsophisticated and, from time to time, uninformed. Yet, they read this trash as competitive vantage cutting our down to little pieces before going and reading another post of more interest.

Incredible, yet factual, what is our reaction to this situation? What is the anecdote on this conclusion?

Easy… write more. Write what:

  • we know.
  • we trust.
  • we stand for.

If you and I truly comprehend our core values and positively astute about our mission, the matter what the cause, approach or attitude, our readers or followers will give us kudos because we are honest of our true passion: believe in our trust.


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