How to Rearrange the Pieces with Ingenuity


Numerous years ago, I worked and lived in a suburb of Savannah, Georgia called Pooler. A growing metropolis of around 6000 people, it was a sleepy community with their tagline, (which I found out was a hoot,) “It’s Cooler in Pooler.” (I guess the next town over, Rincon, at the unfortunate moniker, “It’s Stinkin’ in Rincon,” so…)

At the time, I was renting an apartment, but I knew that I wanted to procure a down payment on a new construction on a house, if possible. By nickel and dime over several months, I truly scraped up enough to contract on my own home in a quiet neighborhood and close to my commute to boot.

Craved Within Reason
Most of all, as the realtor described it, I had freed reign to design and build my “mansion” anyway I craved within reason. I was thrilled because I had the opportunity to create anything I desired without limits.

And so, I took advantage of this premise and begun working on adaptations to my “dream house,” included a state-of-the-art surround-sound entertainment center that was all wireless, a huge master bedroom closet and other perks. The freedom was very palpable!

How to Rearrange the Pieces
Yes, I remember this house very fondly, and more than that, I thought even today about the creativity that all of us could produce whether it is your professional or personal plans. For example:

  • A Clean Slate – Whether you were an entrepreneur, visionary, innovator or others, what a wonderful possibility to put on your thinking caps and formulate new strategies or visions that will enable you to have a clear outlook.
  • Rearranging the Pieces – Just like every room of your new “house,” you start from scratch, using your imagination either in your mind or on the piece of paper, if you like. You examine, ponder, altar and decide all of your objectives and mission with the final intention of being solidly concrete, yet flexible to any possibility.
  • An Accent Piece – To be original in your environment, capitalizing color, lighting, backgrounds and other approaches, can really change your perspective from bland to sensational almost instantaneously. Is there a “wow” that will knock anyone socks off consistently? Is there a connection or opportunity to seize the advantage in your line of commerce or personal goals that would really pizzazz your colleagues and competitors?

Ingenuity and ideas, a powerful mix.


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