Yahoo! Why Content Marketing Is Not a Roadblock


A terrific brainstorm approaches your noggin one day and, to your delight, the reaction in your subconscious is tantalizing indeed. You think, “It’s altering. It’s unnerving. It’s riveting. It’s awesome. This is a fabulous idea and I am aching to get started to scribble this down right away. Yes!”

And, true to your word, you begin strategizing your concept that is so intuitive yet so playful for the rest of your readers that it tickles you enormously.

A Roadblock
However, as you go deeper in trying all of the nuances of your grand plan, you comprehend that you have a roadblock that you didn’t think of until after you started this free-for-all. Your shiny new object is having some rust or debris and you are starting to get anxious and nervous about what you thought was a marvelous scheme.

More than that, the doubts suddenly appear upon you like brown and dead leaves on the tree. Notions like:

  • “Maybe I should just scrap this viewpoint altogether?”
  • “This is taking too much time, too much effort, too much mental capacity and it’s cramping my style.”
  • “Hey, someone else is probably done this in the past, I’ll just put this on hold for a couple of months (AKA years, AKA never look at this project ever again.)”

A Kin to Lego
Join the club. You, me and the rest of the thinkers all have the same eerie feeling often of in the middle syndrome and it is not too pleasant, but it is also a dynamic aspect of going beyond the malaise and trying something that is new, innovative, cutting-edge and ultimately, useful.

In some senses, it is a kin to Lego: we can create anything we want, piece by piece, if we only have the capability of completing the project. Yes, we will have some dead ends. Yes, we will have some setbacks. But, if we look at our masterpiece and all of the awe of our vision and model that we have worked so diligently that we presented so far, then we can be confident that the effort was well worth it to complete this ideal and learn from the experience.


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