Why Is Our Astonishingly, Rotten Posts A Boost… Honestly!

Bad Good


Below average.

A dud.


Unbelievably, implausibly, astonishingly bad.

Yup; unintentionally, unexpectedly and without any malice, an awful, inexplicably, poor post.

That is what I feel sometimes.

Figuring This Out
And, I am sure a lot of other people broadcast their other post and have the same odious feeling and their gut, too: sort of sloppy and unwanted for the time being.

We thought we were figuring this out with our article this time around; we thought it was artistic, informative, funny, poignant and, most of all, interesting to the reader.

Instead, we found out that for whatever reason, the masses thought of this piece of work as fluff or, even more embarrassing, totally forgettable.

But it was we, only we, cleverly crafted each word and checked, rechecked and checked again each morsel. Then, in a momentous push, pressed the button for “Publish,” and wait for the applause and admiration on our accomplishment for the day.

All for naught. Mmm.

Are We Rattled?
Hence, are we discouraged? Are we rattled? Are we, just a little bit, angry because more people should have a joyed our post?

I guess that is up to each and every person to ponder and consider on whether your time and creativity is meaningful or irrelevant each time we do what we are made to do in content marketing.

I know what I have picked.

What about for you?


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