Feeling Crummy? 4 Blueprints to Astonishing Returns

Cold - Sick

Tired and sniffling after a cold coming, I decided to call the volunteer coordinator at my hospital and say that I am going to be missing my volunteer experience tomorrow. A bummer, for sure, because I enjoy the activity as a customer service representative, helping family members, colleagues and medical field on the basic, yet important questions like:

  • “Where is the cafeteria?” or
  • “Could you direct me to the parking deck because I’m a little bit lost, please?” or
  • “I need your assistance because I am trying to find out the patient’s name and room number?”

Like I said, basic, but considering that most people are nervous, sort of scared and they don’t want to be at the hospital at all, to present a happy, friendly face, (a.k.a. me,) to assist themselves is a soothing relief.

Not 100%
But, as I am finishing an entire box of Kleenex sneezing, I thought because it is the hospital, it is not a great idea to go inside and affect more people, right?

I harked when I was an agent for an insurance company and, from time to time, didn’t fell 100%; crummy. You can imagine anyone that is in sales, (especially if one is a hundred percent commission based,) always on the lookout for prospects, clients, referrals and other aspects of our business, but is not in the swing of things because of a nasty shivers up one’s spine.

So, what if you are not feeling too good and call in sick, may even have laryngitis, for example, but still wanted to be productive in anyway possible?

Just What the Doctor Ordered
Here are some examples that I used that may be just what the doctor ordered:

  • Relax: First and foremost, if you were gravely ill and can’t do anything, then just rest. Especially in sales, bucked up, drink lots of orange juice and Airborne and relax.
  • Bone Up on Articles: If you can have a little bit of action, read a book or magazine specifically in your field. Bone up on articles, not only what your company is doing, but the competition as well, and be familiar and satisfied to your prospective customers. Even if you are under the weather, brainstorming ideas is still always a plus.
  • Spring Cleaning: markedly, if you are very organized and the time management is your groove, (read Stephen Covey,) and spring cleaning may be just you realm. If you compile your A, B and C piles, this is a great opportunity to clean out the C completely. Take it slow and simple, but if you can achieve a couple of nuggets for that day, you can rest comfortably.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: all of us have an opening presentation or elevator speech, well, here’s your chance. Practice makes perfect by tweak your delivering to the ultimate delight of your prospects when you are back in the swing of activity once again.

Proactive and Positive
It’s awful when you want to be so productive, but your body doesn’t allow it. However, you can still be proactive and positive in your attitude so when you arrive back at work, you are a head of the game.



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  1. Nice and timely post; just in time for cold and flu season. Love to hear of the joy that comes from volunteering!

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