9 Useful Tactics to Produce Urgency Every Day


To be forthright, are you doing enough critical thinking consistently, mmm?

It’s tough, I know; I feel the same upheaval in the beginning.

However, today, when I concentrate on my business or personal goals logically, my plans are crystal-clear in my head. This way, I can shine my engagements each and every time by following these techniques:

  • Get a good nights rest.
  • Clear my mind; clear my thoughts.
  • Be organized with the urgency of productivity and commitment tomorrow.
  • Check my list constantly regarding responsibility and accountability; is it still working effectively?
  • Be bubbly; smile!
  • Go forward with a game plan, not backwards with defeat.
  • Dive deep in what I am doing with relish and don’t worry about the outliers bringing me down.
  • Stay the course.
  • Be positive.

Then, when the days done, get a good nights rest. Repeat.

So, what are your intentions to chase your dreams?



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  1. Herb, wonderful post again today. I love to be reminded to smile; makes me smile! Great reminders to stay the course. Have a fabulous day!

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