6 Incredible Sale Strategies to Ultimate Victory


“You blew it. You are not prepared. You didn’t give enough time to research the problem and now it’s apparent that you will not win the day for today.

You didn’t have an eye contact with the prospective client. You didn’t probe effectively on what they wanted, what they needed, in your product or service. When they asked questions that were very astute and on target, you were unprepared, unwilling to have more than generalities and, to be frank, confusing or vague.

Basically, you goof.”

Sounds familiar? Yeah, I have had the exact same gutless feeling from time to time, too.

Sort of rotten, isn’t it?

Gaffe of a Bad Performance
However, what can we learn from our gaffe of a bad performance?

Well, for example, we could:

  • smile, gain rapport and trust with your prospective clients
  • explore the company to the fullest
  • ask thoroughly and meaningful questions
  • be flexible, not only in our tactics, but in our strong reasoning as well
  • listen intently to their ideas, sentiments and objections to our vision
  • follow up, (a fatal flaw for a lot of other people in our field,) to ensure the prospective individual that we are both professional and proactive

just to name a few.

Champion Victorious
Then, with practice, practice and more practice (read Be a Kid… Practice Makes Perfect) and confidence, we will change our attitude over the long run. Yes, indeed, we will conquer our catastrophe of a bad presentation to a champion victorious each and every time because we were clever enough to alter our course in entrepreneurial prowess.

How about that!


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