How Hans and Franz Leads to Unwavering Commitment to You

Hans and Franz

Hans and Franz, watch out! I am going to go to the gym, once again, to be totally embarrassed and humiliated of the fact that I am not an Adonis yet…

OK, I kid around a little bit, but I am making a constant effort to go two to three days a week at a fitness center and work out. Not only is it good for the psyche, but also, because I am a little bit weak and atrophied by reason of my paralysis on my right side after my stroke, this will enable me to strengthen the muscles and to have some fun (snicker, snicker,) besides.

Good Intentions
Now, I know, this is like the millionth time I have tried to go to the gym and each time my substance block goes erroneously wrong like:

  • it’s boring or uninterested after a while or
  • I don’t see results immediately or
  • I quit altogether, depressed and upset because I didn’t have my goal in order

By a matter of fact, all of us have aspirations whether it is in business or personal aims that we had good intentions, yet we never complete our objectives.

Burst of Energy
So what’s the enchanting formula so that we can break through that initial burst of energy and achieve something magnificent over the long-term?

In some senses, we need to be:

  • uncontrollable tenacity: to put our crystallized strategy front and center all the time
  • unwavering commitment: that no matter what obstacles come in our path, we will succeed by thick or thin
  • unaltering backbone: to realize that it is going to be difficult and really nasty at the beginning when we are starting a changes, but over time, these plans will become more smooth and comfortable

In this way, small bites, we will achieve in our challenge no matter what.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger commented, “The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.


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