Why You Will Not Be a Sea of Anonymity Anymore!


Watching Mike and Mike on ESPN talking about the College Football playoff the other day, I thought about a team or an individual who was almost at the peak of a championship, the ultimate prize but didn’t make it.

You know, this person or group was so close to the finish line with an outstanding, excellent pursuit, but unfortunately, was “that close.” Instead, they get a silver metal; runner-up; a sea of anonymity.

Fired Up

What would they feel?

Angry, upset, frustrated, rejected, irate, petty, slighted, tired, deflated?

Or, will they be fired up, ready to grind again with more earnest, excited, enthusiastic, positive, upbeat, determined and ready to take the next challenge definitively?

Instincts to Succeed

Just like an athlete, in business or salesmanship, attitude and grit, resilience and concentration – these are the attitudes of instincts to succeed.

Question is, do you have the moxie for victory?


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