Why Bloggers Will Peck Constantly To Achieve Greatness


Reading my emails every morning, I also subscribe to several bloggers to read their take on the world around us religiously. One particular was very unusual, I thought, because he was very terse, but still had a unique approach to his input.

Very Direct
Specifically, Seth Godin, author, speaker, writer and marketer expertise, commented of his blog:

It’s not your fault

… but it might be your responsibility.

That’s a fork in the road on the way to becoming a professional.

Very direct, but very focused on what he was trying to do.

Pecking Away
Amazing, if you think about his post. As a relative new blogger pecking away at my skills, I observed several different thoughts that everyone can agree. For example:

  • Concentrate on your passions: for me, I focus my attention on my blog on leadership, determination, courageousness and adaptability. Sure, I could be here, there, and everywhere, but what I have found out overtime is that if I focus on one particular area and stick with it thick or thin, then eventually l will become an expert over the years.
  • Continue to write, even though it may be average at best right now: even for me, I should be writing every single day, and eventually I will achieve. As you know, it is quite difficult sometimes because of my aphasia after my stroke, a language disorder that affects the communication process. Nevertheless, if I am stable and focused, then my communications skills will improve dramatically over the long run.
  • Persevere! In my blog, How Outliers Are a Surprising Way to Ultimate Happiness, I spoke about the fact that we need 10,000 hours to be a master. For a lot of people, (including me,) we are just beginning, it would be daunting to do something dramatic with our blog, but also astonishing of our accomplishments, wouldn’t you agree?

So, as I am thinking of new aspects to compose for you, my readers, rejoice. Remember, for me and all of the newbies, activity by doing posts faithfully means connections to new people and ideas.

More, that may lead to incredible assets if we work smart over our lifetime.


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