How to Avoid Emotions Overload to Win Instantly

Man and Woman Excited

You are delighted. You are beaming. You are excited.

You can’t wait to try it, whether it’s a new product, service or anything else that is shiny and gleaming. You investigated all of the features and moreover, you tried several times just to make sure that you get the hang of it. You examined all of the little secret places that will be so much easier or quicker or more productive.

You triumphantly say, “This is the life; now I am on the right track! This is awesome!”

New Song, Sort Of
But, like everything else, your newness wanes. It’s like a new song that you enjoy and want to repeated a thousand times, but after a while, you want to erase that memory because you can’t wait to hear that tune anymore.

To be honest, I emote the exact same emotions from time to time. It is grading and irritating because we thought that this brand, new idea was going to change the world entirely.

And every now and then, we can.

You see, leaders, like you and I,

  • understand that like anything precious, if we take care of it, if we use it effectively, then it will return dividends for years to come
  • acknowledge that having something that is useful and predictable is sometimes more valuable than something that is flashy or glitzy
  • conclude one quality that defines our demeanor: stability. By try to true, we are here for the long haul.

And, that song that we thought we were hating it several months ago, will eventually come back to renew once again, more enthusiastic than before.

How about that…


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