How Your Business Is Like A Big, Beautiful Lawn


Joy, joy! I am at the patio, again, for the eighth time in eight days, waiting and hoping.

You see, several days ago, our lawn service who is in charge of the lawn, bushes, trees and other beautiful things that grow, suggested that they aerated and seeded for our backside of the house (indubitable, for a “nominal” fee.)

Sounds good in theory in reseeding, especially because of the angle of our house in the back is to the north, and so, we have only dirt, dirt and oh yeah, dirt.

Tricky Part
The tricky part, unfortunately, is we don’t have an irrigation system. That means, I manually use the and position the hose just right so that the water will take root of the new seeds every fifteen minutes for each positions (and there are lots of positions,) in the back every morning for fourteen  days. Yea!

Scintillating, I know. But, like I said, I am waiting, seeing, coaxing and hoping on the task at hand.

I also think.

Yup. Amazing the truth, especially in business, when I am doing something very boring and monotonous, I clear my mind and become very quiet, peaceful and serene. In this way I can look at different situations about:

  • what I can do
  • what I could not do
  • how can I improve on what I have done so far and so forth

That way, all of us can think about newfangled strategy. All of us can think about new generations. All of us can think about improve productivity.

Like Watching Grow Grass
I guess, like a seed, it will eventually grow to grass which will eventually grow into a magnificent lawn which eventually have envy of all of our neighbors (of course, just kidding.)

Business is the same approach – slow, steady and on track in an innovative twist for spice.

Like watching grow grass,” has a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


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