3 Revolutionary Thoughts to Accelerate Your Talents Today


Two days a week, I am a volunteer in customer service for a large hospital with over 1000 patients each and every day. Definitely a very busy environment, my roles our basic, but very significant, nevertheless.

It’s Magic
In my four hour shift, I help people with both simple questions (“Where is the cafeteria?”, “Where is the nearest bathroom? “Where is the ATM machine?”,) to complex (consoling a person that just lost a family member several minutes ago or going extra mile and assisting someone who is confused or hesitant on what to do next in this huge hospital.) Especially because of my stroke 25 years ago, I can renewed appreciation and the ultimate respect of the doctors, nurses, and all the other employees of what they do every single day.

But even more than that, when I am helping other people, I always remember one individual per day that touch me or vice versa that makes me feel both humble and warm inside. I can’t describe it entirely the feeling that I have, but it is so rewarding, so engaging, so gratifying that it’s magic.

It is random kindness, through and through.

Then, (like I usually do when I thinking,) I thought that everyone has an opportunity to present a quality that is enchanted, too.

In business, we possess the same attitude graciousness and positive aspects in our everyday lives. Too many people are in a rush, angry and, probably most consequential, ambivalent on their surroundings on the graces of being nice and pleasant to their people.

Broken Record
It irks me to no end when people don’t have the decency to be civil to each other; to be kind to each other. We have all seen this before, over, and over, and over again like a broken record, like:

  • Don’t say “thank you” each and every time
  • Burrowing under the arm of the social media to be aware of the things around you, and even more embarrassing, to miss opportunities because we were unaware or uninterested
  • Be ignored to other people because they don’t have the time or effort to get involved

“Little Things”
And on and on. I guess I am in a rant this time round with my post, because it is so essential to treat people with respect and adoration both in professional aspects and personal interactions. I urge everyone, (including me), to be more open and recognize of the “little things” around us.

You know, like:

  • Buying someone a cup of coffee just because
  • Being respectful to the other person’s time and purpose
  • Being cheery and friendly to everyone each time every time

Is it hard to do? Absolutely. But all of us have the advantageous to try, which is one of the key to success.

Genteel, Simple As That
So here’s the plan, Stan, (me, too.) Even if we have to change our style, our approach, our attitude, whatever, to show some random kindness in our lives starting tomorrow; be more genteel, simple as that.

The end result will be magnificent.



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  1. I like your optimistic outlook on this (as on everything)

  2. Herb, I came across your “broken records” and your complaint that people aren’t civil to each other anymore. Irks me too. What every happened to “good manners” and what’s wrong with being a “gentleman?”

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